Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Bild + Spruch ♥

Have you ever dress up like a superhero,when you were a child?!
You wore the towel as cape and felt so strong,nothing could hurt you!
You were invincible!i feel that everyone has a superhero inside of them
& sometimes you feel like you cant reach a dream,
because you're held back by people or maybe you are waiting 
for someone to accept you for who you are.
Don't wait for someone to tell to be who you are allowed to be 
& do what you want!If you waited,you waited far too long.
Life is to short to wait on your dreams,chase your dreams now!
There is nothing more fulfilling,than doing what you love 
& being who you are.
& if you are scared imagine you have a superhero costume,
you are invincible! Nothing can hurt you.
Don't wait for the world to accept you!
Your dreams come true in cans not in cants.
Never stop dreaming,
Only you can make your dreams come true!

xoxo ;**


  1. Oh nein, ich will bitte auch so eine haben :D
    Die ist ja super toll!! Ich LIEBE Sailor Moon soooo sehr<3

  2. wirklich super süß :) liebe sailor moon auch *.* leider musste ich ganz viel von meiner sammlung verkaufen. sammelst du auch die broschen und zepter?=*

    1. dankee :) <3 ja ich sammle auch broschen und zepter :)

  3. poste doch mal deine sammlung :) oder hast du das schonmal gemacht? liebe sailor moon *,* hoffentlich bringen die irgendwann mal die dvds raus...


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